Diet Talk : Nutrition & Medication ; Could, Should and Would

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Total of 52  UniMAP students, staff and dependents attended Health Talk :Nutrition & Medication : Could, Should and Would “ at UniMAP Main Campus on 4 May 2018. Above talk was organized by UniMAP Health Centre. The target group for this talk is among those suffering from diabetes and hypertension seeking treatment in UniMAP Health Centre.


The objective of this talk is to educate the patient with certain health conditions like diabetes and hypertension on how to manage their diseases especially during fasting month. Structured diabetes education is an essential tool for the management of diabetes during the fasting period and especially after breaking the fast during Ramadan. Studies have shown patients who received diabetes education had less weight gain and fewer episodes of hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar level) compared with a group that did not receive education prior to Ramadan. It is important for the patient to know what they could, should and would do during fasting month in order for them to control their blood sugar. To avoid low blood sugar levels during the day as well as soaring high blood sugar levels when indulging in heavy meals after sunset. During thetalk, they also have been told when to break the fast if necessary to avoid medical complications. Diabetes education also helps to overcome certain barriers to diabetes care such as the misconception that puncturing one's skin for blood glucose testing or for insulin injection during the fast would break the fast.