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 1. What is the medical eligibility for UniMAP student?


 A: All students enrolled at Universiti Malaysia Perlis (EXCLUDING SPOUSE / CHILDREN) are eligible for the treatment at second-class ward in government hospital.


2. How to get a Guarantee Letter for UniMAP students?


 A: Students can apply for the guarantee letter from the Department of Student Affairs in order to  get medical services from hospitals and to avoid from being charged.


 3. Does UniMAP staff dependents are eligible to receive medical services at the UniMAP Health Centre?


 A: Eligibility of staff who are entitled to benefits under the scheme UniMAP medical services are: -


     i) The legal wife / wives of the male staff and the legal husband of the female staff.


   ii) Children including stepchildren / legally adopted children, provided the child is under the age of 18 years unless still       studying full-time which should not exceed 21 years old and unmarried / unemployed  and children with special needs due to  mental or physical handicap.


   iii) Legal Parents. (Facilities are limited to treatment in government clinics / hospitals and for selective services in UniMAP Health Center only and subject to the conditions of staff who chose the New Remuneration System)