1. What is Health Centre?
Health Centre is a department with a mission to provide health care services to the university community so that they will be able to focus on learning, teaching and research.
2. Who is the Director?
The current Director of Health Centre  is Prof. Dr. Mohammad Iqbal B. Omar.
3. Where is the location of Health Centre Office?
The office is in the Main Health Centre which is located at the Kampus Pauh Putra, Arau, Perlis.
4. What are the service that Health Centre provides?
a. Treatment and Emergency
b. Radiography.
c. Wellness Clinic ( Smoking Cessation Clinic, Obesity Clinic, Exercise Stress Test, Spirometry)
d. Women Clinic (Every Tuesday dan Thursday)
e. Medical Laboratory.
f. Public Health.
g. Physiotherapy.
h. Pharmacy.
i. Dental Unit.
5. How many branch does Health Centre UniMAP has?

UniMAP Health Centre has 2 branches located as following address:-

Pusat Kesihatan UniMAP Cawangan Kolej Kediaman UniCITI Alam
Universiti Malaysia Perlis
Kolej Kediaman UniCITI Alam Sg. Chuchuh
(A1-L1-18) Padang Besar, Perlis
Tel : 04- 949 4300
Fax : 04- 949 4300

Pusat Kesihatan UniMAP Cawangan Kolej Kediaman Tan Sri Aishah Ghani (KKG)
Universiti Malaysia Perlis
Kolej Kediaman Tan Sri Aishah Ghani
Taman Terinai 2 Mukim Kurong Batang
Wang Ulu Bintong
01000 Kangar, Perlis
Tel  : 04-979 8518/979 8519
Fax : 04-979 8519

6. What are the UniMAP Health Centre operation hours?
We are open on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and close on weekends and public holidays.
Our Operation hours are from 8.15 am until 5.00 pm and close from 1.00 pm until 2.00 pm on Moday to Thursday , close from 12.15 noon until 2.45 pm on Friday except on Friday, the first week of every month, we are close from 12.15 noon until 5.00 pm. We only accept emergency case. 

7. How to get treatment after operation hours?
Students can get treatment from On Call Residence Doctors for emergency case only.
8. What condition is consider as emergency case in medical?
Following conditions are consider as emergency case in medical :

a) Sudden onset chest pain, especially severe and persistent pain.
b) Difficulty in breathing/ asthma attacks not improved with it ususal medications.
c) Lost or change of consciousness.
d) Seizure.
e) Sudden weakness in body parts.
f) Sudden vision loss.
g) Prolonged vomiting and difficult to eat/drink.
h) Severe and prolonged vaginal bleeding.
i) Choking.
j) Smoke/gas inhalation.
k) Electric shock.
l) Burn/ Scald.
m) Drowning.
n) Overdose medications.
o) Injury with excessive bleeding.
p) Bone fracture/swelling around bones or joints following injury.
q) Snake bite/ venomous animals bite.
r) Insect bite with difficulty in breathing.

9. What is the medical eligibility for UniMAP student?
All students enrolled at Universiti Malaysia Perlis (EXCLUDING SPOUSE / CHILDREN) are eligible for the treatment at second-class ward in government hospital.
10. How to get a Guarantee Letter for UniMAP student?
Students can apply for the guarantee letter from the Department of Student Affairs in order to  get medical services from hospitals and to avoid from being charged.
11. Does UniMAP staff dependents are eligible to receive medical services at the UniMAP Health Centre ?

Eligibility of staff who are entitled to benefits under the scheme UniMAP medical services are: -

     i) The legal wife / wives of the male staff and the legal husband of the female staff.

   ii) Children including stepchildren / legally adopted children, provided the child is under the age of 18 years unless still       studying full-time which should not exceed 21 years old and unmarried / unemployed  and children with special needs due to  mental or physical handicap.

   iii) Legal Parents. (Facilities are limited to treatment in government clinics / hospitals and for selective services in UniMAP Health Center only and subject to the conditions of staff who chose the New Remuneration System)


12. How to get medical and emergency coverage during university event?
Kindly write us a letter mention about the event for approval to the following address :

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Iqbal B. Omar
University Health Centre
University Malaysia Perlis
Campus Pauh Putra
02600 Arau, Perlis

Please take note that service maybe charge.
13. What is the contact number for inquiries?
For medical inquiries, kindly contact our main careline at 04-988 5068.
For administrative inquiries, kindly contact our administration at 04-988 5391. 
14. How may i contact the Health Centre Office?
You may call us or send us a letter to the address below:-

Pusat Kesihatan Universiti ,
Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP),
Kampus Pauh Putra, 02600 Arau, Perlis.

Tel : 04 988 5391 (Administration and any official documents)
Fax : 04 988 5389